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Roman Berger

Written by Inna Makarichev

My life ia divided into two sections:  The time before my son died and the time that has followed.  Roman was born in Georgia State.  He was very young when he started taking art classes and enjoying music.  When we moved to New York he continued to receive art classes at an excellent school in Manhattan.  When he graduated from high school he was accepted at Julliard School of Art in New York.  He was extraordinarily talented, but suddenly everything had changed.  In two weeks of his first semester my wonderful son died from cancer at the age of nineteen.  The loss of Roman will be felt forever by many.  Now, I can only share his talent by the few pieces of art remaining in my possession.  When I look at his art, I can feel him close to me.  My wish is that more and more people are able to enjoy his talent.


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